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Welcome to the Ergon Institute

The original Ergon Website was created Perhaps 10 years ago to represent the interests and activities of Edward Walbridge and his two daughters, Catherine Jennifer Walbridge and Julia Ann Mossbridge. Julia now has her own website,, so this updated website represents the interests and activities of Edward Walbridge

Edward Walbridge is a retired physicist for whom Ergon Institute is a vehicle for entrepreneurial initiatives related to energy storage (3 patents in development) and medical devices (also 3 patents in development). One idea considered for patenting (the use of Rolamite to minimize leakage around the outer boundary of a water-immersed weight whose vertical movements store energy; see video) has been abandoned as impractical. The plan is to obtain patents and then to develop businesses based on them, either with partners or without. Hence Ergon is not currently selling any products. Potential customers for its products can be approached by Ergon in due time, when Ergon is ready. In particular, we have no need for a google listing to attract customers.

For Edward, Ergon is also a record of non-entrepreneurial research endeavors. At present, these include: 1) an estimate of drone-drone collision frequencies over urban areas; 2) a study of strategies for circumventing the “tyranny of the rocket equation,” such strategies could facilitate the manned exploration of distant planets and nearby stars; and 3) setting forth the principals of design for transit-oriented cites. None of these research endeavors has yet led to a published article, a situation expected to change soon.